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About Us

About Us

Power Webai

Power Web5 ai was founded in 2018 by the same team to disrupt the games industry with Visual3D: the first 3D game engine for C#/.NET and managed no-code/low-code 3D app creation platform featured on the cover of Software 2.0 magazine and front page of Google results and top 5 in product directories for a decade.

Power Web5 Platform, including Power Sheet, Web5DB, is featured as the #1 no-code/low-code apps collaborative creation platform in CIOReview magazine, together with our flagship smart templates Power Plan ai and Power CRM as well as our showcase apps Power Invest ai and Power Bot Marketing ai.


Power Web5 is based in Seattle and expanding to LA, with a dedicated team of top tier developers and business leaders across the world, with a track record of developing disruptive SaaS, development tools, software products and platforms. Power Web5's flagship product is the free AI powered Power Web5 platform and Power Sheet no-code app builder & smart spreadsheets powered by our Web5B and showcased by our Power Invest AI showcase app.

Power Web5 is formerly known as and prior to that Power Access, having previously developed Power Access platform bringing universal web & mobile app & dashboard creation to Microsoft Access.

We are currently preparing our public release, expanding the scope the Power Web5 platform with new tools and features after the massive interest and empowering capabilities we have rapidly achieved with our core feature set, as well as using Power Sheet, Web5DB, Power Invest AI and Power Bot Marketing AI for select projects.


We are now hiring as well as seeking investors to join a round and additional advisors to accelerate our expansion.

Power Web5 Leadership Team

Dan Moorehead, Founder & CEO

Dan Moorehead

Founder & CEO

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Dan Moorehead founded Power Web5 after Power Access, Visual3D and AutoSub, as a serial SaaS, AI, data and development tools software serial entrepreneur. Dan has a passion for designing and developing new tools and automation solutions to enable non-coders to create – whether be databases, business intelligence (BI) tools, data visualizations, 3D games, or training simulations.

He enjoys designing and leading development teams to build products and solutions, as well as coding himself in C#, VB.NET, SQL and VBA. He has 15 years of founding in founding products and companies, leading development teams, software architecture and engineering, and viral marketing.


Daniel Moorehead was Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect for Realmware Corporation, where he designed and developed the first ever commercial 3D Game Engine & Development Toolset for .NET, the Visual3D Game Engine, which achieved over 30,000 users. He established development offices in U.S. and Minsk, Belarus and leveraged Visual3D to provide U.S. and offshore design, consulting, outsourcing, and rapid development services for Fortune 500's, US Army, and US Air Force to develop 3D training, virtual earth, mining, engineering, P2P and cloud server-enabled massive-multiplayer games and virtual worlds, Serious Games, aircraft, combat, CAD and GIS simulations & interactive visualizations.


Dan's product proved the viability of .NET Framework with C# and VB.NET for game development, which had previously been considered non-feasible due to reduced performance compared to native C++. This led to Dan's creation, the RealmForge (the predecessor to Visual3D) being published on the front page as the title story for the "3D Games in .NET" July 2005 issue of Software Developer's Journal (Software 2.0 magazine). This paved the way for C# and .NET now becoming the leading platform for game and simulation development.


Dan's expertise is in creating innovative, easy-to-use tools which enable non-technical users to design, build, and publish interactive data visualizations - complete with AI, visual macro scripting for application logic, GIS data, physics simulation, content import & export automation, code generation, P2P and cloud server-enabled multi-user real-time, integrated collaborative editing, and sync/publish/integration of multiple web services and databases. He designed Visual3D to enable new audiences of non-programmers to create games and simulations.


After accomplishing all this with the Visual3D Engine and its tools for visual design, development, live, multi-user editing of 3D data visualization - bringing game and simulation to new audiences of non-programmers - he applied this expertise and his passion for automation to providing tools which enable even non-technical users to more easily create relational databases with Microsoft Access.

Now, the PowerAccess team is likewise paving the way for easy and complete (with formulas and analysis models, no just data importing) migration from Excel to Access (and possibly even automated conversion in the future), with support for much simpler, and yet more versatile, PowerSQL with Excel-like, relative row formulas and functions for query creation. Like Visual3D, PowerAccess automates tasks like Data Macro/Trigger generation, greatly reduces the need for VBA coding, and enables automated sync/publish/integration with other databases and tools like SharePoint, SQL Server, and Power BI.

Featured on the cover of Software 2.0 magazine (formerly Software Developer's Journal) for previous founded no-code apps platforms Visual3D/RealmForge

Tedious, error-prone manual processes are his pet peeve & arch-nemesis, which is what leads him to automate wherever and whatever he can, simplifying and streamlining tasks, workflows, analysis, data visualization, reporting, database/game/application development, and business processes.

His passion for automation is what lead Dan to develop the PowerAccess Framework as a solution for enabling the creation of MS Access and other databases with easy-to-use Excel-like formulas and automating the conversion & flow of data from Excel to MS Access to SQL Server/SharePoint/PowerApps/Power BI as well as reports and visualizations.

Dan loves encountering and overcoming a wide range of new challenges while addressing clients' pains, which is why he also leads consulting projects for PowerAccess-accelerated development of BI and other data solutions.

Fiona Zhao, Co-Founder & COO

Fiona Zhao

Co-Founder & COO

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Fiona Zhao is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Power Web5.

She has an MBA in Finance and General Management from UIUC and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and was among the first to ever to ever become a Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (CFP&A).


She is experience with a wide-range of BI, finance, reporting automation and data analytics tools, technologies, programming languages, including with Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot, Python, JavaScript, Power Query, VBA, Tableau, SQL Server, multi-dimensional databases, OLAP cubes, Hyperion Essbase, SmartView, and Oracle BI. Even while at Microsoft, she was considered an a Microsoft Excel guru, providing assistance to her colleagues in advanced Excel and financial modeling solutions.


Junting Zhao (known professionally as Fiona Zhao) has designed and implemented - personally or by leading a team - custom solutions, as well as the analysis models they were based on, for Variance Analysis & Commentary, monthly close, forecasting/project, IT Project Planning, Vendor Analytics, online advertising analytics, ad-hoc reporting, automated invoice submission and processing, automated reporting, first adoption of first BI tools and long-term forecasting & projections.


She has advised CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, IT VPs and other executives at companies ranging from Fortune 1000's down to startups, surpassed targets while managing $1B+ budgets, directed all aspects of Financial Planning & Analysis at multi-billion dollar corporations, prepared decks for board of directors, enabled businesses to successfully enter into new markets, and implemented and automated solutions while working at Microsoft.


She has managed, implemented, improved, and automated processes, analysis models, tools and workflows relating to all aspects of business, including IT, finance, accounting, marketing, legal, operations, business/strategic planning, tax, payroll, accounts payable, marketing, advertising, and investment. She has lead companies to first ever adoption of BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau.


She has a passion for data visualization, design and effective utilization of interactive dashboards, drill-down analysis, and visuals, as well as for automating reporting and the workflow between various BI, data warehousing, reporting, and analysis tools to save time and greatly improve accuracy. Her focus is on delivering analytical tools and models which provide the insights necessary to drive effective executive decision making and implementation.

Jeet Singh Associate Vice President, Solutions & Services

Jeet Singh

Associate Vice President, Solutions & Services

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Jeet Singh is an experienced leader of the Business Intelligence Consulting division of one of the market leading Data Warehouse platforms with extensive experience in product management, sales, marketing, development, BI, and building and expanding offshore development teams. He has an Executive MBA in Marketing and over 13 years of extensive global experience in Practice leadership, business & technology consulting, product management, project/program management, pre-sales in CRM, data warehousing (DW) & business Intelligence (BI) reporting projects. He leads Business Development as well as Strategy, Consulting Services and the Offshore Development Teams for Power Sheet.

Job Simon, Advisor

Job Simon


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Job Simon is a technical, management and investment advisor. He served as a key advisor & consultant for many startups & VC firms, and a partner at several VC firms. He is the former CTO, Business Technology @ Workday (a top Enterprise Finance & HR platform), CTO, Enterprise Architecture & Strategy @ Salesforce (a top CRM, business apps marketplace & low-code platform), CTO, Data Products @ Cymer, and VP & Chief Architect, IT Strategy @ VMware. He has successfully led data science, AI, predictive analytics initiatives and is a value member of our strategic management and advisory team.

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