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Power Sheet for Excel & Google Sheets

Or embedded in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Power BI, Power Platform, Salesforce, QuickBooks and other platforms

The free all-in-one collaboration, analytics, automation, planning & app creation platform

Power Sheet is free, AI powered, embeddable, decentralized.

No install, coding, IT setup, user licenses or servers required.
Use in Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, in websites and as mobile & PWA 2.0 apps.

Power Sheet in Excel or Google Sheets on iPad | Power Web5 Platform Free No-Code App & DB Builder, Smart Spreadsheets

Power Sheet is a free, AI-powered cross-platform platform (and marketplace) which can be embedded (via Insert > Get Add-ins / Add-in Store) into any Excel spreadsheet, for install-free, cross-platform, online/offline use by anyone who opens it (on PC, Mac, iPad or Web).


Power Sheet instantly transforms Excel into a complete BI and Analytics platform and database builder (essentially Power BI + Microsoft Access + Google Docs-like collaboration, all without ever having to leave Excel).


With Power Sheet, you can easily, automatically create, AI-generate, share, embed and publish interactive No-Code Apps, BI Dashboards, Rich Forms, Interactive Reports, Smart Templates and Cloud-Synced Databases – all embedded (install-free) into Excel spreadsheets, using familiar Excel formulas/functions/connectors/add-ins/workflows, and without ever having to leave Excel.


Power Sheet extends Excel with fully integrated support for fully interactive Dashboards, visualizations (with possibility of even porting custom visuals from Power BI), reports, and rich, dynamic Power Sheet/Table views with real-time 2-way sync with your Excel spreadsheet data, as well as any Excel or JavaScript/Web connected data sources.

Rich automatic Power Sheet views include Smart Field types like Single or Multi Select, Date/Time Picker, Checkboxes, Sliders, File Attachments, and more, and can be extended with custom display and editors via JavaScript. Every sheet, table or report can have dynamic saved view tabs (and sub-tabs), as well as automatic Filters sidebar (with automatic slicers), eliminating the need to copy-paste and maintain many copies of Pivot Tables, reports and data across different multiple sheets.

Power Web5 | Free No-Code App & DB Builder, Smart Spreadsheets Web5 AI + Low-Code Platform for Finance, Data Science, Planning, CRM, Investment, Automation, Analytics, BI Dashboard, Excel, Power Sheet

Power Sheet can even embed a secure database into your Excel .XLSX file, providing row/column-level user access control, along with single sign-on (or with no login, based on Active Directory or Enterprise Login or your Office login), along with Slack-like collaboration tools with threaded comments, row sharing/assignments, and email and in-app notifications, along with Google Docs-easy sharing and fine-grained access control.  You can even provide user-tailored views and dynamically and securely show, hide or restrict editing of different dynamic rows, columns and view tabs (for different tables, reports and forms).


This makes it possible for you to email out or share a single Excel workbook with automatic data entry forms, with the security of knowing each person will only be able to see and edit those tables, reports, forms, rows and columns which they are supposed to have access to, or which they had created themselves, with automatic on/offline editing merging (without having to store in SharePoint) and row/column-level access control based on email address matched to Created By (Automatic), Department or Account columns and hierarchies (together with Active Directory and SSO).


Just by enabling Cloud Sync for you Power Sheet-enhanced Excel workbook, you can get Real-time Collaborative Editing (anywhere, even for emailed copies of workbooks outside of SharePoint) and organization-wide sharing and syncing of data (with Power Sheet Cloud or On-Premises) with Intelligent Versioning (even for moved/renamed/resorted rows and columns, fuzzy matching, and per row/sheet/table version history and edit/access logs and automatic Last Created/Edited By Columns) – providing the benefits of centralized storage without sacrificing the ease of use, power and flexibility of Excel, or the hundreds of add-ins and connectors available for it.


Power Sheet also brings Auto Web Publishing (for private links to share your reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, apps, and automatic data entry forms) for cloud-synced workbooks. Power Sheet can also be embedded into PowerPoint presentations for (for the first time ever) truly interactive, always up-to-date data, reports and visuals, with dynamic slicing, filtering and drill-down.


Power Sheet makes it easy to share, collect and collaborate on data, spreadsheets, templates and reports organization-wide, and, with unlimited free users and no user licenses required, even outside of your organization. It auto-generates private web sharing links with auto-published apps, reports, dashboards and data entry forms for your cloud-synced Excel spreadsheets.


Power Sheet also brings first-class support for Child Rows and Hierarchies, as well as Auto-Grouping, Auto Slicers, and Drill-down/through for everything from OLAP to sub-tasks and sub-sub-task lists in Excel. Together with Smart Fields, Threaded Comments, SSO and Notifications; this transforms Excel into a tool to easily manage your projects, tasks, timesheets and assignments.


Power Sheet makes it possible to easily embed snippets of JavaScript, C#-like TypeScript or (with upcoming support) Python for cross-platform Excel automation, macros, BI, analytics, data science, queries, web/DB connectors, data transformations, user-defined formula functions, interactive visuals, and calculated columns/measures/KPIs.


Power Sheet even allows you to even use JavaScript functions and APIs, as well as Regular Expression (RegEx), web APIs, and more, from standard Excel cell formulas as well as Power Sheet calculated columns (which blend Excel Formulas + JavaScript, for cross-platform use even for Web Published apps, dashboards and reports). 


Power Sheet also extends Excel with many new Power Functions, including support for inline SQL queries (with its embedded in-memory SQL engine) in Excel formulas, RegEx (for powerful and easy text matching/splitting/replacement) and Power Query-like data transformation dynamic array functions for Excel formulas. 


Power Sheet also provides easy automatic AI-guided data preparation, cleaning, fuzzy logic based deduplication, consolidation, splitting and transformation tools for the most common uses, without the complexity of Power Query and intelligently handling moved, renamed and reordered columns without breaking.

Automatically create no-code apps, cloud databases, BI dashboards, forms, interactive reports and collaboration tools from your spreadsheets and data – and embed in Excel, PowerPoint, mobile apps, online and anywhere with the free AI-powered all-in-one Power Sheet platform

AI Generation and Automation

  • Create, share, sync, version, automate, publish and collaborate in Excel spreadsheets,

Easy Calculations and Data Analytics

  • Use familiar Excel formulas for calculations that run anywhere – inside and outside of Excel – for calculated columns, KPIs, queries, default field values and measures

  • Empower your Excel formulas with (dozens of) new Power Functions, as well as inline JavaScript, Python, Web API use, SQL and Regular Expression text matching patterns

  • Or:  Empower your (formulas and) calculations with new Power Function, JavaScript, Python, Web API, SQL and Regular Expression extensions for Excel formulas

  • Discuss and share your spreadsheets, reports, and data with threaded conversations, row selection and sharing that sticks with your rows.

  • Manage budgets, task lists, accounting, CRMs, or financial analysis with Smart Templates and rich Power Sheet views

  • Centralize your Excel data with AI-generated automatic databases, real-time collaborative editing and intelligent online/offline edit syncing.

  • Auto publish your sheets, reports, apps and dashboards online and to PowerPoint automatically in real-time for always up-to-date presentations and reports

  • Easily sort and filter your spreadsheets, reports and data with automatic slicer like Filters sidebar shown automatically for every report, sheet and table, as well as automatic search boxes shown under each column header and for each report, sheet and table for smart fuzzy search and filter

  • Built-in support for creating hierarchies and child rows, with auto-grouping and tree-like organization of your rows and data, for everything from budget and OLAP to sub-tasks and lists.

  • Powerful intuitive sort and filter capabilities,

  • Visualize your data with interactive charts, graphs and even custom visuals which you can click on to filter, slice, view exact figures and drill-down into your data

Collaborate and Work Anywhere

  • Power Sheet makes it easy to collaborate without ever leaving Excel or PowerPoint, as well as online and in any mobile app or website it's embedded into

  • 1-click sharing to quickly invite others to edit, view, enter data into or leave comments on individual sheets, reports, presentations, forms, dashboards and reports

  • Manage permissions and see who edited what when in your sheets, automatic databases and presentations

  • Stay on top of changes with intelligent versioning and feedback from others with threaded conversations within your sheets and smart comments, selections and annotations that stay with your rows, even after updating (|refreshing) your connections and queries