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Web5 Universal Smart Content Marketplace

1st universal embeddable marketplace to find, share, sell & subscribe to smart templates, no-code/low-code building blocks, Web5 universal apps, universal connectors & extensions, data sets, formula templates & more

Create & share via Power Sheet

You can find the Web5 Smart Content Marketplace and all available content inside the Power Sheet app.

Create and share smart universal content, apps, connectors, add-ins, bots, formulas, templates and data using the Power Sheet no-code app builder & smart spreadsheets platform via the Web5 Smart Content Marketplace.

Auto-published to app stores, marketplaces and available in Excel & everywhere. Smart Content as a Service (SCaaS).

Always up-to-date, conflict-free & install-free.

Instantly everywhere. Universal smart content, apps & connectors
Connect, sync, integrate & embed & auto-publish

1st universal marketplace.  1st Smart Content as a Service (SCaaS) platform integrations and data connectors for realtime remote work collaboration, embedding and auto creating & sharing no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Auto-create, collaborate, sync and embed anywhere.

Embed in 1-click as 100 KB of smart content install-free.

No add-ins, setup or user licenses required.

Instantly available in any app, spreadsheet, tool or app store.

Always up-to-date.


Share as smart install-free add-ins, universal connectors, and smart templates in the 1st universal marketplace.

Smart Content as a Service (SCaaS) made possible by the 1st universal marketplace combined with 1st platform to enable smart blocks & templates & libraries anywhere, with realtime decentralized collaborative editing and merging of edits from publishers and realtime collaborators, always conflict-free, for any kind of content, apps or data.

Smart templates & versatility to accelerate your use cases

Smart templates, building blocks & connectors for finance (financial modeling • forecasting • budgeting • accounting • invoicing) • project management (agile • boards • tasks • estimates • assignments) • investment • HR (incentive compensation) • data sciencebusiness intelligence (analytics • reporting • auto data prep) • intelligent CRMshyper-automation (social marketing • workflows).

Create, embed, sync, collaborate, auto-publish. Instantly everywhere

Automatic smart spreadsheets, universal apps, dashboards, forms, bots, connectors, blockchain DBs and decentralized data warehouses.

AI generate from any spreadsheet or data source.

Share, connect, embed anywhere. workflow for auto creating no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Integrated & embeddable everywhere

Embed & sync in docs, spreadsheets, apps & sites

Use Power Sheet app builder — or any Web5 apps, sheets & DBs created with it — standalone (web, mobile, desktop, offline, DWA, PWA, Node.js) or embedded anywhere

  • in docs (Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, SharePoint)

  • in tools (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, Quickbooks & more)

  • as browser extensions

  • in messages & emails

  • your apps & websites

Create & auto-publish truly universal standalone apps, extensions, bots & connectors.

Connect & smart sync to — and automatically AI generate from  any data source (spreadsheets, CSV, DBs, web APIs, Active Directory/SSO user lists, tools, CRM, finance systems). Plus 5,000+ connectors & add-ins via Excel embed & smart sync. integrations and data connectors for realtime remote work collaboration, embedding and auto creating & sharing no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Template everything

Build from, share & sell smart templates & building blocks.

Everything's a template. Instance & override for rows, fields, formulas, apps, views and more.
Always up-to-date. Always conflict-free smart sync & merge. As o
nly possible powered by our decentralized Web5DB.

Find, share, sell & subscribe to smart templates, building blocks, apps, bots, extensions, connectors, data sets, function libraries, new field & view types, custom visuals, formula templates and more via our decentralized
or private libraries shared cross-org.

Auto-publish universal apps & extensions

Share as standalone universal Web5 Decentralized Web App (DWA) — the next-gen alternative to Mobile 2.0 offline-capable Progressive Web App (PWA 2.0) and Web3 dApps.

Only possible powered by our embeddable decentralized offline-capable Web5DB.

Use online or offline. Install app-store-free. A
uto-publish to mobile, desktop, B2B & web extension app stores.

Connect to any Data Source

AI Automated Data Preparation and Consolidation

  • Databases (SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Analysis Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase IQ, Teradata, SAP HANA)

  • CRM (Salesforce Objects & Reports, HubSpot, and many more)

  • Social Media (Facebook)

  • Microsoft (Dynamics 365, Exchange Server, Exchange Online, SharePoint (Online List, Folders), Active Directory, Microsoft Query)

  • Files (Folders, Text, CSV, JSON, Web Page, Excel)

  • Azure (SQL database, SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight (HDFS), Blog & Table Storage, Data Lake Store)

  • Big Data (Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS))

  • ODBC, OLEDB, OData

  • Power Query

  • 3rd party Excel Add-ins (from CData, DevArt, Hyperion Smart View, QuickBooks and hundreds of others)

  • Power BI Connectors

  • Your own custom Web APIs, platforms, systems and data sources via embedded JavaScript

Power Tables, Report, Dashboads, Pivot Tables and Power Sheet Views

Use with over 5,000 connectors, add-ins & extensions and together with Excel & Google Sheet formulas, Power Query, embedded SQL queries, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Platform.

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