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Excel to Microsoft Access & SQL Queries:
Migration Made Possible & Simple

PowerAccess brings to Microsoft Access unique support for XPrevRow() - a game changer that not only enables Recursive/Iterative calculations for migration of Excel to Access that would otherwise be impossible, but also enables vastly simplified creation of SQL Queries and use of the Query Designer by allowing use of Excel-like relative row formulas in them.

It also provides a range of Excel functions like XNPV in addition to new advanced and time-saving financial, analysis, and math functions like:

  • XNPV

  • XQTD

  • QYTD

  • XSumToDate

  • ConvertCompoundingRate

  • XLookup

  • XSumToDate

  • XTreasuryRate

  • XLookupNearest

  • Plus many more

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