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Power Invest ai

Simple automatic AI powered investment in stocks, crypto, options, bonds & ETFs.

AI predictions based on thousands of factors in real-time (social sentiment, company strength, Wall Street, market direction & more). Auto-diversified & tailored to you.

+330% average annual growth vs S&P 500

Seen in real-world tests and backtesting, outperforming stock market, Bitcoin and cryptocurriencies at their height.*

* Performance not guaranteed. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and varies. AI is tailored to your preferences, customizations, and portfolio diversification.

Free stock picks or fully automated investment bot

Simple automatic AI powered investment in stocks, crypto, options, bonds & ETFs.

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Auto invest with Power Invest ai standalone bot app or advanced charting and low-code customization with easy formulas & preferences or even low-code Python & JavaScript in Power Sheet ai

Power Invest ai — free AI powered auto investment in stocks, crypto, bonds & ETFs Based on hundreds of indicators, data sources, social sentiment & fundamentals in real-time  Showcases what is easy to build & only possible with Power Web5 and Web5DB

Includes commission-free brokerage account

We are partnered with Alpaca to provide you with instant automation-friendly commission-free stock and cryptocurrency brokerage trading accounts that can be used with Power Invest AI.

Robinhood, Webull & other brokerages

Use buy/sell notifications, stock picks with any brokerage or trading app.
Or automate with upcoming integrations with Robinhood, Webull, Fidelity and other brokerage accounts, for those who prefer as alternatives to the included Alpaca commission-free stock & crypto brokerage account.

Thousands of factors calculated in real-time stock/crypto rankings, projections and timing

AI predictions based on thousands of factors in real-time (social sentiment, company strength, Wall Street, market direction & more) with fuzzy AI taking into account hundreds of technical indicators, scraped data sources, quant scores, price targets, overbought/oversold, and ideal price, quantity and time to buy/sell/short

The unscreener. Unlike all other bots and screeners, Power Invest AI doesn't just take into account 1 or 2 signals or indicators or price action, with hard cut-off thresholds. Instead, it takes into account and combines scores and probabilities based on hundreds of factors to generate a single Power Score for risk-adjusted projected profitability for a real-time fluid ranking all stocks and crypto.

Calculated in real-time for all stocks & crypto On a scale only possible with decentralized Web5.
Auto-diversified & tailored to you. Easy to customize parameters and formulas.

Showcases power of Power Web5 no-code platform & Web5DB

Showcases the power, scalability, flexibility and performance of what can be easily built with the Power Web5 Platform, including the Power Sheet no-code app builder and Web5DB decentralized web database.

Free+ with easy add-ons and plans

Free access to stock picks and rankings identified top of ideal stocks to buy, sell & short and exactly when to pick them.

Upgrade for complete buy, sell & short automation as stock bot.
Or get notified or use with manual approval, if preferred.

Pricing & Plans for Power Invest ai

Your money, your way

​Auto recommend, auto buy & sell, or auto diversify

​The Power Invest AI app and smart templates built on Power Web5, can help recommend what to buy or sell, when, and how much of it.

Or you can use Power Invest to auto buy & hold or buy & sell, with optional confirmation, within the limits you set, based on your target monthly budget.

Use with included automatic Alpaca stock & crypto brokerage account. Or with upcoming support for Webull, Robinhood, Coinbase and other apps and exchanges.

Easy to get started.  AI tailored to your goals and portfolio

AI that tailors to your goals based on simple questions to start

  • How much want to invest monthly?

  • Willing to sell stocks? How old (or much risk)?

  • How many times want to buy/sell per month?

  • Connect Robinhood to auto-diversify based on your portfolio?

  • Auto-buy/sell for you? With or without confirmation?

Easy to customize, extend and control

Power Invest AI is easy to customize weights & formulas or even connect to your own data sources, using unique capabilities of Power Web5, and all the easy no-code, low-code tools and AI it provides.

Extend and automate your way, with easy customizations, connectors, templates and extensions only possible due to Power Invest AI's unique capabilities due to its being built on the Power Web5, with all the easy no-code, low-code tools and AI it provides for no-code and low-code smart spreadsheets, automation, apps, connectors and analytics.

Blending the best of AI, analyst recommendations, social sentiment

Based on AI which monitors in realtime and analyses the strength of a company, price & volume trends, fundamentals, technical analysis, news & social sentiment, price targets, what professional investors and insiders are buying and selling, earnings reports and revisions, and dozens of other factors.


Combines and cross-references the best data sources and analysts, including TipRanks, SeekingAlpha, Motley Fool, Zacks, StockTwits, Robinhood popular stocks and many more.

* Performance not guaranteed. As with any investment, you may loose money. None of the materials, apps, information here on this website, in the Power Invest app or any other apps, websites or services affiliated with Power Web5 should be considered investment advice or services. These are provided for informative, informational and educational purposes and as templates and tools you can utilize as you wish to help you compare, script or automate the things you choose to. Quoted performance seen based on observed average rates. Power Web5 and its staff are not licensed investment advisors and this app does not constitute an investment tool, but instead a powerful template you can configure to recommend or automate the way you choose to.

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