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Power CRM ai

The intelligent no-code flexible CRM in Power Sheet smart spreadsheets

Use with Power Bot Marketing ai for fully AI automated marketing, sales, recruiting.

For LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp & beyond.

The only end-to-end AI automated marketing, CRM, LinkedIn, recruiting & social sales platform.

Auto find, prioritize, contact, sync, assign, track sales leads, recruits, investors, donations or anything.

Transform your entire workforce into automated sales reps for 30,000+ leads each.

Powered by Web5DB as a universal offline-capable app & database with intelligent sync.

Auto find, prioritize, assign, contact & track sales leads automatically

Easy set-and-forget setup. Simply provide your target keywords or product description and competitors, and Power Bot will automatically find, prioritize, contact, assign (across your sales rep team), track, sync and follow-up with sales leads.

It targets decision makers with a demonstrated interest in your kind of product or service, gathered from LinkedIn, social media, posts and user groups.

It prioritized leads automatically based on relevance, seniority, decision-making authority, likelihood of responding or connecting, social influence and dozens of other factors.

Auto Contacting and Social Media Sales with $0 Advertising or InMails

Power Bot automatically reaches out to each member at the optimal time based on their time zone, with a message tailored to emphasize the aspects of your product, or shared interests or connections of your sales reps, to maximize likelihood of response and sales.

The safest automation solution

Power Bot is designed to intelligently avoid blacklisting due to bot automation on LinkedIn and other platforms, dynamically adjusting to clues for rate limiting, and to avoid leads which are most likely to flag for spam.


The only synced, decentralized, scalable marketing & sales automation and CRM platform

Power Bot is the only decentralized real-time platform able to run on the devices of your sales reps or any of your employees. It is the only truly automated marketing and sales platform, and the only one capable of real-time syncing across automated accounts on thousands of devices. This allows you to scale up to hundreds of automated accounts without being banned or flagged for spam, with each device using its own IP.

Instantly transform every employee into automated sales reps

Transform your entire workforce into sales reps instantly, on work or personal devices, with commission bonus incentives enabled with lead tracking. All without needing to ask for our manage their LinkedIn or social media account passwords, with nothing more than 1-click install of a browser extension. And all while automatically respecting their privacy with their existing or personal connections.


Power Bot load balances leads across dozens of hundreds of LinkedIn and social media accounts, assigning leads to reps most likely to receive a response for each given lead.

Proven success with 30,000 leads, attainable per automated profile


We have used Power Bot successfully internally for developing 30,000+ sales leads, which can be developed per automated account, already prior to platform release, with $0 spent on marketing or advertising, for Power Web5 and are now making available for anyone to use.  Scale up to thousands of profiles, several per sales rep or each non-sales employee.

Create and tailor your own bots, CRM, and automation with Power Web5 no-code collaboration and intelligent automation platform

Power Bot is built on our Power Web5 no-code platform and Web5DB realtime embedded blockchain DB, providing an unparalleled degree of flexibility, realtime syncing and integration.  It has a built in CRM with mobile, web, online, offline access and support for embedding and syncing into Excel cross-platform and install-free.


With Power Bot plus Power Web5, you can build your own custom no-code CRM, bot and automation apps and script them easily, with no-code tools, as well as Excel formulas, SQL, Python and JavaScript. You can also sync it with any CRM or data source, such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.


And you can auto publish your own no-code CRMs, apps, reports, databases and bots, available everywhere simultaneously and always up-to-date, with Power Web5.

  • Instantly transform your entire workforce into automated sales reps

  • AI to bring in 30,000 leads per account or employee

  • The only decentralized, collaborative, install-free, no-code app & automation platform

  • Shared synced CRM and social selling inbox for remote and virtual teams

  • Built on the free AI powered decentralized no-code Power Web5 apps & automation platform for realtime web, mobile, embedded & Excel collaboration everywhere

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