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Power Access for Microsoft Access

PowerAccess Screenshot - Toolset Add-in,

Modernize & automate Microsoft Access.  Auto migrate to mobile & web apps.

AI powered auto conversion of Microsoft Access databases to no-code Power Web5 mobile, web, offline & desktop apps powered by the embedded decentralized Web5DB.

Simplify and automate new MS Access database creation.


Extend with new PowerSQL power functions for analytics, finance & more, plus JavaScript, Python.


Empower with new SQL Editor with auto-complete & syntax highlighting, global find & replace & dozens more.


Data prep AI, auto query building, data connectors and intelligent version of queries, code and data.


Empower Microsoft Access all-in-one power tools add-in and install free library for rapid simplified AI powered database building, business intelligence, cloud syncing, JavaScript macros, Pivot Tables, web publishing

PowerAccess-Screenshot-Query Design SQL-

See how uniquely simple yet powerful PowerSQL™ enabled SQL Queries can be in Microsoft Access.


This syntax is support by a wide range of functions and convenient overloads (versions accepting different parameters) which provide support for nature language-like and Excel formula-like queries.

You can see with XPrev() + XRow() or the standalone XPrevRow() allow self-referencing queries can perform lookups and sums over themselves - and at blazing fast speeds, due to calculation reordering, relative row reference support, and on-the-fly caching.

XLookup, QWhere(), and other X and Q, MaxOf(), XNPV, XNearest, XSumToDate and other powerful, simple functions for use directly in Access, Excel and in Power Web5 no-code apps for web, mobile and anywhere.

JavaScript Macros & TypeScript for Microsoft Access

Write Access macros and even functions for use in Access queries with modern languages like JavaScript & TypeScript

TypeScript for C# like Enhanced JavaScript

Support for TypeScript - the higher-level JavaScript language from Microsoft with C#-like enhancements, which is far more powerful and concise and compiles down to JavaScript that runs the same anywhere with the latest ES6 / ECMAScript 2015 / 2018 and HTML5 features

Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio / Embedded JavaScript Editor for Access Macros & Query Functions

Write & debug macros easily with Visual Studio Code or PowerAccess.js embedded JavaScript / TypeScript IDE instead of old Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

Templates for Coding

Easy out-of-box project templates for Visual Studio Code (free, open-source lightweight Visual Studio for JavaScript) or Visual Studio macro coding and debugging, made accessible to those who've never used before

Embed JavaScript & Web Apps/Form/Reports into Access

Automatically compile and package JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Images & Resources and embed into Access databases.

HTML5 Cross-platform Forms, Dashboards & Reports

HTML5 UI Data Entry Forms and Reports which run offline and anywhere.

Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Pivot Reports for Access

HTML Forms / Reports, Interactive Charts & BI Dashboards for Access

Web Services, Node.js & Office.js for Access

JavaScript Office 365 Add-ins for Microsoft Access Databases

Install-free embedded into MS Access databases

Support for some Excel JavaScript Office 365 Add-ins like:

Power Sheet (Power Web5)

Office.js JavaScript API for Microsoft Access

Node.js & Open-source Libraries

Open-source Packages / Libraries for MS Access with easy auto-updated shared code libraries, packages & web services with simplified Node.js NPM package management

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning AI for Access

AI powered, guided and accelerated development, data prep, reporting and more for Micfrosoft Access & Excel

Machine Learning AI powered Finance, Accounting, Reports, BI Dashboards, Charts, Pivot Tables, Data Prep, & Access Database Creation

All-in-one embedded toolset for low-code Microsoft Access database app creation

All-in-one embedded toolset for low-code modernized app creation, analytics, realtime collaboration and automation with Microsoft Access and PowerAccess.

Modernize Microsoft Access with JavaScript Macros, Power Query like Functions, Visual Studio, AI, BI, NoSQL JSON Connectors and Cloud Sync.

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