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Top Microsoft BI, Data & Technology Twitter & LinkedIn Influencers

This is a definitive, manually curated list of top influencers compiled from various sources, with manual review to ensure far more accurate, relevant and up-to-date than purely automated influencer social media account lists and rankings.

Check back as this is constantly updated. Stub lists will be filled out soon and more lists added. 

This is primarily for Twitter influencers currently, but associated LinkedIn accounts links will be added as well.
These lists are partially sorted by relevance and influence in some cases.

Twitter handles may include approximate number of followers and other notes after the Twitter handle links.

Relevant hashtags may be found at the end of each list.

Power BI – Top Influencers


@Technitrain 6.4k


@Rad_Reza  2.5k



@pqtraining 488

@patrickdba 1.9k

@GuyInACube 3.8k

@Kjonge 4.5k

@powerpivotpro 6k

@SQLvariant 4.5k

@RiccardoMuti 1.7k

@powrdax 1k

@kpuls 3k

@gilra (1k) – @DataChant PowerBI Ex Excel PM PowerQuery


@Eno1978 – Seth Bauer (432)



@AmirNetz – Amir Netz – Technical Fellow Microsoft Power BI (3k)


@Will_MI77 – Power BI PM

Relevant Hashtags:

#PowerBI #MSPowerBI #MicrosoftPowerBI #BI #MSBI #MicrosoftBI

Cyber Security | InfoSec – Top Influencers​

@bill_nizzle 108k

@evanderburg 136k

@evankirstel 154k

@Fisher85M 25k

@JosephSteinberg 121k

@MikeWrightQ 9.8k

@antgrasso  16.4k

@Shirastweet 46.9k

@troyhunt 85.8k

@johncvillanueva 23.8k

@MKaiserNCSA 12.7k

@YvesMulkers 66k

Microsoft Access – Top Influencers

Microsoft Excel & VBA – Top Influencers

PowerApps | Microsoft Flow – Top Influencers

Power Query | Power Pivot | Excel BI – Top Influencers

Microsoft Azure | SQL | Cloud – Top Influencers

SQL & SQL Server – Top Influencers

Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics – Top Influencers

Financial Modeling | Analysis | Accounting  – Top Influencers

Influencer Lists & Ranking Notes

Influencer rankings are aggregated and curated from variety of sources included SocialBearing, Klout, Twitter, NodeXL, Twiangulate, Tweeple, Onalytica retweets and follows from other influencers, and, as many automated rankings often have bots or no longer posting accounts, all accounts are then manually reviewed for relevance, frequency and quality of content for inclusion and ranking.

I will also be providing corresponding LinkedIn accounts for these influencers or a LinkedIn influencer ranking, as well as user Twitter Lists you can subscribe to, and more rankings for related topics here.

Check back and link to this curated influencer ranking page for always up-to-date influencer rankings, growing with new influencers and rankings added.

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