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What is Web5?

What is Web5 and Web+? Network diagram with Power Web5 Platform, Power Sheet, Web5DB

We are the original inventor of Web5. The only Web5+ platform & DB

We invented "Decentralized Web Apps (DWAs)" (decentralized offline-capable PWAs)
  • We invented in 2018 as "Web4"
  • Still the only platform for Web5 app creation
Rebranded as "Web5+" — as remain a superset of Jack Dorsey's "Web5" concept
  • The only platform or design with a Decentralized Web Database (DWDB)
  • Nearly impossible to create Web5 apps without our patentable Web5DB
What is Web5? What is Web5+?

What is Web 5?

Web5 = Web3 (decentralized blockchain) + Web2 (real-time collaboration).

Web accessible, embeddable, offline-capable for TBs instead of KBs of data.

Power Web5 with Power Sheet is the 1st and only Web 5 no-code/low-code apps platform & DB implemented. Invented in 2018 and originally described as Web4, it is now also the only Web5+ platform.


Web5+ is a superset of Web 5.0 which extends it with Decentralized Web Database (DWDB) support, SSO, no/low-code creation, always available hosting, and much more functionality. DWDBs are embedded to power the Web5 decentralized web apps (DWAs) / mobile2 decentralized offline-capable PWAs, as well as run as standalone headless databases and decentralized nodes.

Built 4 years before Twitter founder Jack Dorsey popularized the concept of Web5 (Web3 + Web2) and still remains the one and only implementation of the Web5 standard for decentralized PWA apps.  Even now it remains nearly impossible to build a Web5 app without a web-embeddable offline-capable decentralized DB to run them, which is why we built Web5DB from the ground up to make this possible.


According to Microsoft, Google, Gartner and Forrester, lightweight offline-capable progressive web apps (PWAs) are the "future of web & mobile", and until Power Web5 and Web5DB truly no-code & low-code offline-capable PWAs creation, let alone decentralized or massively scalable apps capable of handling real-time collaboration conflict free with offline access to GBs instead of KBs remained completely out of reach.

Only possible powered by our Web5DB

Easily sharablefree for unlimited users (vs restrictive per-viewer licensing in most no/low-code platforms) • embeddable (to instantly enhance/convert existing workflows with no IT migration needed) • built for the “future of web & mobile” (Web 5.0 PWAs) • always conflict-free sync & collaboration — all only possible powered by our Web5DB.

  • Uniquely scalable (99.7% less bandwidth & cloud costs) • fast (615x MongoDB • in-memory client-side queries) • available (even offline) • sustainable (75% less energy use) • optimized (for 5G • VPN hybrid workIoT • the next billion internet users)

  • 1st Web 5.0 DB — decentralized Progressive Web App (PWA) DB — faster • more secure • more scalable • offline-capable • web embeddable • fast scalable IoT edge computing + always conflict-free P2P sync & collaboration — embeddable decentralized data warehouse & computing platform

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