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Link Affiliates Program & Independent Sales Representatives

Marketing & Sales Commission Programs

Are you interested in earning commission just for linking to our website or providing links to sales leads?


Getting Started as a Partner

Sign up and then contact us at with your preferred affiliate ID included in the links you use (as described further below).

How to advertise or pitch to sales leads

You can advertise the platform as free, and anyone who purchases or upgrades (as we estimate will be needed in many cases) within a year of sign up via your referral, you will receive a commission from their first year of subscription plan payments.

Current Commission Rate

The current commission rate is 10%.


This is applied to the first year of any subscription plans sold for Power Web5 Platform or other apps such as Power Invest ai. 


At the current prices, this would result in the following commission amounts for Power Web5 Platform plans plus similar amounts for Power Invest ai plans. These are example commission amounts, which are subject to change with plan pricing changes, for which you can find the current PowerWeb5 Platform pricing here and current Power Invest ai pricing here.

Example Comision Amounts

  • $2,278 for Power Web5 Private Cloud

  • $2,277 for Power Web5 Enterprise 1TB

  • $1,078 for Power Web5 Enterprise

  • $478 for Power Web5 Pro

How to Use Affiliate Links

As a Link Affiliate Program partner, simply use a link to any page on ending in ?referrer={YourReferrerID} using a unique ID you prefer such as your email address or web domain or one you can request from us, from your website or communication with sales leads, and then you will receive a commission from any initial purchases made by referred customers. 

For example, you can link to or or from your website or from sales emails or other communication with sales leads.

Solution Development & Integration Partners

Or are you interested in receiving referrals as an independent Power Web5 solution development services partner?

Check out our Services & Integration Partners programs.

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