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Power Web5 Platform, including Power Sheet no/low-code app & DB builder & smart spreadsheets and WebDB which powers it, is one of the most powerful and versatile no/low-code platforms, capable of handling large data sets, AI and advanced calculations in real-time, making it suitable for a wide range of solutions.


Power Sheet can also be embedded into Excel and Google Sheets, auto-generating apps, dashboards, forms & DBs from your data & even formulas, for standalone app use or embedded use inside those spreadsheets.

You can also find a wide range of Smart Templates for apps, sheets, dashboards & DBs, as well as no/low-code building blocks, connectors, extensions and function libraries, in our Web5 Smart Content Marketplace (available inside the Power Sheet app) to simplify and accelerate getting started with Power Sheet.  

Use Cases, Apps and Smart Templates for Power Web5 Platform


  • Data Science No-Code Apps

  • Finance No-Code Apps & Dashboards

  • Planning No-Code Apps

  • Work Management & Project Planning No-Code Apps

  • Budgeting, FP&A, Finance, Forecasting, Tax & Accounting

  • Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Vendor Management & Compensation Calculation

  • Project Planning, Tracking & Estimate Building

  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Dashboards with Interactive Filtering, Charts & Drill-down)

  • Database Enhancement, Integration & Migration – Upscaling, Optimizing & Syncing with other Databases/Systems/Webpages

  • Digital Transformation & Business Process Automation Replacing time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry, import/sync/convert & copy-paste-edit workflows

  • PDF/Image Auto-Convert, Import, Export & Printing For Invoices, POs & more

  • Automatic Smart Data-Entry Forms, Reports, Analysis

  • Spreadsheet, Excel, Access Migration, Automation & Integration

  • Multi-User Optimization, Password Login, User Roles/Groups & Restrictions
  • Edit/Change Tracking, Edit Log/Comments & Undo/Rollback

  • Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Query, Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Power Pivot, Tableau, .NET Framework, Access Web Apps (AWA), GIS, CAD, SQL Server, Azure, Cloud, RDP, Oracle (Essbase, Hyperion Planning & SmartView) Automation & Integration

  • Custom Connectors – Connect to any data source or your own products, apps and websites, cross-platform and install-free embedding in Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI and anywhere

  • Decentralized PWA 2.0 Universal Apps

  • Realtime Blockchain Databases for realtime queries, syncing, storage and always conflict-free editing, for even offline or simultaneous edits, for GBs of data, with SQL, Python, JavaScript, Regex and Excel formula queries

  • Embedded - make the entire suite of no-code creation, automation and collaboration tools - available in your existing tools, spreadsheets, docs, apps and websites to empower your teams and end-users

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