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Development & Support Services


Development & Support Services

Custom Apps, Connectors and Extensions plus Training, Consulting, Automation and Integration Services

Services we provide


  • Development Services (AI Automated & Assisted)

    • Universal app development

      • Web5, PWA, offline-capable, Mobile2, decentralized, dApps, web extensions, universal office/app extensions, mobile, desktop, even server-side (via Node.js)

    • Database development with Web5DB

    • Bot and AI hyper-automation development

    • Customization for Power Sheet, Power Web5 platform, our bots, apps & smart templates

    • Custom block, view, smart template development

    • Platform integrations, web API/data connectors, web scraping/automation

    • PowerGPT, ChatGPT, GPT 3.5, Bing Chat, GPT-4, TensorFlow, ONNX, chaining, training, generative AI, and other AI models & bots

  • Support Services

    • Zoom calls, remote desktop, real-time collaborative editing with Power Web5 platform

    • Consulting on design, development, requirements, deployment, optimization, integration, AI integration & automation, customization or commercialization

    • Design, development and usage support via video, voice, design, collaboration development, and/or remote desktop

  • AI Automated/Assisted Migration​ Services (AI Automated & Assisted)

    • Spreadsheets (+ Formulas) to Universal Apps + Databases​

    • Deploying apps as universal extensions (Office 365, browser, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Sheets, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and beyond)

    • Smart Templates & Blocks (you can share across your apps/sheets/org or even sell publically as as Smart-Content-as-a-Service (SCaaS) in our Web5 Smart Content Marketplace

      • Converting spreadsheets, dashboards, code, formulas, data sets and more into Smart Template, Embeddable Block, Content Library subscriptions you can share or sell​

    • Excel to universal app, dashboard, database, bot & extension migrations

    • Microsoft Access database to universal app, dashboard, database, bot & extension migrations

    • Your own app/website converted into a Universal Apps/Extensions published everywhere

      • Web5, mobile, offline-capable, decentralized, P2P synced, real-time collaborative, app-store free web-to-mobile install, mobile / desktop / extension / B2B app stores

    • From Python, data science notebooks, JavaScript, TypeScript, VBA, Power Query, SQL, Excel, Google Sheets, Access or scripts/prototypes/databases​

      • Converted into scalable production-ready universal apps, extensions, DBs

      • Decentralized apps (Web5 decentralized PWAs / dPWAs for decentralized or client-side scalability) and/or server-side (via Node.js)

    • Microsoft Access database to Universal App + Web5DB migration

    • Excel to Access migration
    • Access to Excel migration
    • Microsoft Access to SQL Server + Web App migration (AI automated)​
      • AI automation for some migrations

    • Web5DB or SQL Server or NoSQL, graph DB, or time series DB​

  • Consulting​ Services

    • Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)

    • Finance & Accounting

    • Data Science

    • Hyper-Automation AI & Workflow Automation

    • Design & development, integration, deployment, optimization, customization, data prep, AI building & setup, automation, spreadsheet to app/database migration


Priority access

for services, early releases, updates, support and feature requests, are provided to:
  • Early Adopters (especially those who purchase paid plans now at pre-release discounted rates), and/or

    • Who also benefit from pre-release discounted pricing

    • Plus extended subscriptions (period doesn't start until you are provided with access or services)​

  • Higher-end Plan subscribers

    • Especially Enterprise, Enterprise 1TB & Private Cloud

  • Early Adopters of Higher-end Plans

    • Tthe highest priority of all

Email Support

Email support is included with Plus plans and above, with higher priority and degree of support for higher end plans

Community Support

All plans, including free, include community support via our Community Support Forums.

Custom Apps, Connectors and Extensions plus Training, Consulting, Automation and Integration Services

We can help you develop no-code apps, analytics, business intelligence, database, smart spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, dashboard, form, real-time collaboration, cloud & peer-to-peer distributed database and other solutions built with the Power Web5 platform. With development support & training services and solution development partners.

One of the unique benefits of Power Web5 Platform based solutions is that any business user on your team can easily modify and extend your apps, databases, dashboards, forms, and reports without needing to know how to code, let alone having to hire consultants or involve developers and IT every time you need to add or modify a field or report.

We can also refer you to our network of consulting and solution development partners.

We can help you with design, migration, optimization, training, automating your business, financial and collaboration processes and simplify your team collaboration.

Contact us at for a free consultation on how we can help you create, collaborate, visualize and automate with Power Web5.

Solution Types and Specialities 

A few examples of the kind of solutions that can be created with Power Web5, entirely yourself, or with support of our developers, consultants and network of solution development & consulting service providers, include:

Use cases for Power Web5 platform is built for, or for which we provide smart templates, bots, connectors or development, consulting & support services, and the different disciplidnes, departments, industries and roles its designed for.
Solution Development & Integration Partners

Or are you interested in receiving referrals as an independent Power Web5 solution development services partner?

Check out our Services & Integration Partners programs.

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