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Power Web5 Platform Pricing

Power Sheet + Web5DB + Power Plan + Power CRM

Buy now for pre-release discounts, earlier access & priority support/services

Early adopters (who purchase paid plans prior to the public release) benefit from:
  • Discounted pre-release pricing
  • Earlier access — higher priority access (especially for early adopters of higher-end editions) to initial release and/or earlier betas & updates
  • Priority support — higher priority than others with the same plan, with even higher priority for early adopters of higher-end plans
  • Extended subscription length — we don't start the clock on your 1-year subscription until you have access while providing all the early adopter benefits, effectively extending the length of the first year.

Buy or upgrade now for earlier access to Power Sheet, Power Invest ai & more

Earlier access (for early adopters and/or higher-end plan subscribers) may apply to:
  • Power Web5 Platform

    • Power Sheet

    • Web5DB

    • Web5 Universal Smart Content Marketplace

  • Our premium smart bots, which may include:

    • Power Invest ai
    • Power Bot Social Marketing ai
  • Our smart templates/apps (or enhanced versions of them), which may include:
    • Power Plan ai​
    • Power CRM
  • Other new tools, AI, functions, connectors, integrations, templates, bots & features

Upgrade for more storage, creators, support & early access

Higher-end plans include:
  • More storage (for your created apps, data, templates and version history) or even unlimited storage (with Private Cloud)

  • Earlier access — higher priority for earlier access to the initial release, beta updates and/or new apps, smart templates, tools, features & integrations (with even higher priority for Early Adopters of higher-end plans who purchased with pre-release discounts)

  • Unlimited creators (Enterprise and above) or additional creators — of new apps, sheets, templates, fields and formulas

  • Earlier access — eligible for earlier access to initial or beta update releases and/or new features — with higher priority for early adopters (purchasing pre-release discounted plans), especially with higher-end plans

  • Premium templates, blocks, connectors, integrations and extensions access (either included or an eligible add-ons)

  • Premium tools, features, functions, sheet/app view types, smart field types, connectors, integrations and blocks

  • More advanced AI

  • Priority support starting with email support in Plus plans, with higher priority, more advanced support for each successful plan

  • Discounted and priority development, customization & integration services— for custom apps, blocks, templates, functions, connectors & more (for Enterprise & above)

  • Live training, video call & screen sharing support discounts (for Pro & above)

  • Ability to sell your smart template/app/content subscriptions (through the first smart content marketplace, integrated everywhere Power Sheet & Power Web5 are integrated) or even auto-publish to app stores

​Buy Power Web5 now for priority access to Power Invest ai

  • Early adopters of Power Web5 and higher-end plan subscribers (especially early adopters of higher-end plans) will have higher priority access to the initial release Power Invest ai initial release and improved capabilities.

    • Power Invest ai is designed to work together with Power Sheet, PowerGPT and other Power Web5 Platform platform capabilities to provide even greater control.

    • Power Sheet includes features designed for advanced use cases like hyper-automation AI, bot creation, advanced stock & forecasting functions and advanced interactive multi-layer charting for trading, financials & beyond

Unlimited users. No login. No install. Just seamless sharing & creation

All plans (even Free) include:
  • Unlimited users (of created apps, sheets, & content and for data entry/editing)

  • No user licenses, add-on install, or login required

  • Community forums support

Notes for plans & pricing

  • Asterisk (*) indicates planned features which may be included or end up add-ons (only available to the editions they are listed under)

  • Paid annually based on per month pricing

  • Personal and Power User editions can only be purchased, owned, or used by individuals not by businesses.

  • Non-transferable licenses however Creator licenses can be transferred between users

  • Where features differ, above summary takes precedence. Features may be subject to change.

  • Enterprise has unlimited number of creators in organization and up to 100 external creator users (+ add-ons for more)

  • Current discounted prices are shown, and may increase once production release of Power Web5 is made generally available.

  • Additional feature differences and detailed descriptions of features can be found in the detailed comparison table below.

  • Subscribe options for editions besides Pro coming soon.

  • Features in Editions & Pricing table are what is expected in current or following major release and which editions they are being made available to.

  • Please Contact Us if interested in pricing for Add-ons or upgrading to a higher-end edition mid-subscription year.

  • Contact us for Reseller pricing discounts, for consultants and others, or to become a reseller or sales channel partner.

  • Discounts available for limited time and may no longer be available once Excel Content Add-in is released, so we suggest buying now if you are interested in getting discounted pricing as well as early access to Power Web5 now.

  • For more details about features, see Power Sheet Features Overview and the detailed editions comparison table

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