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Repairing Microsoft Access Database Files

Fixing and Avoiding Corruption & Errors with Multi-User Databases
with MS Access Tips for Automated Data Recovery

Stellar Access Database Repair Software

Some who have used Microsoft Access for quite a while will know that Access database files can end up corrupted in some cases – one of the prices of the extremely easy file copy-deployment that makes Access so attractive. This can occur especially if deployed for multi-user use without first splitting the database into separate front-end and backend Access databases files. 

That said, it isn’t too much of a cause for concern as data can typically be recovered easily one way or another and you can continue on your way with daily multi-user use of it. Microsoft Access even includes the handy “Compact and Repair Database” button built right into it, to make dealing with this a cinch. However, in some cases the corruption is significant enough that this can’t be fixed simply through that built-in tool.


In such cases you can try a few steps like disabling AutoCorrect and importing all the tables, data records and objects into a new Access database file.

However, in some cases, even those manual recovery steps don’t work. However, even then it’s not a cause for worry, as Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is readily available and quite affordable and can be easily used to recover your data in a couple minutes.


I've seen the Stellar Access Database Recovery utility on sale before for as low as $99, so I'd suggesting jumping on it if/when you find it similarly on sale. However, even if not, it's still, in my opinion, a fairly inexpensive price to pay, especially if it means the difference between complete loss of your data (as well as potentially days of downtime with manual recovery attempts and possibly rebuilding) versus fully automated repair, often just minutes after detecting an issue – even if for nothing more than a single database. For that reason, I'd suggest having it on-hand and ready for automated recovery, in order minimize any potential downtime.

Stellar Repair recovers not only all the data records, but also all the objects in your database, including Tables, Queries, Relationships, Forms, Macros, Reports, Modules, and more.

We’d encountered one such database where all manual methods of recovering it from corruption had failed, including the built-in Compact and Repair Database feature, disabling AutoCorrect and even attempting to import all objects into a new database.

We installed Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair v5.5 (which can be done easily in a few clicks for any Windows XP or newer system) quickly and were able to use it to repair this heavily corrupted database.


The Ribbon-based user interface was simple, clean, user-friendly enough, as seen in the attached screenshot. It was simple enough that I didn’t need to read any documentation to get started using it (not that I make it a habit of advising against reading documentation, of course). 


You just launch Stellar, click “Select File” to browse to the corrupt Database file (or Select Folder for a folder full of such corrupt files), click Repair, enter your license (if the first time) and then you can Save the results out to a new Access database file, which by default is saved to the same folder with same file name except starts with “Repaired_”.


Stellar Access Repair worked perfectly in even this case with the most stubborn of corrupted Access databases, and it did so in just a few minutes with a quick download an inexpensive license. Considering that, I can definitely recommend Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair as a handy tool to have any your toolbox, for Access developers and users alike.

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Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair Screenshots

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