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Or email yourself the Investors Deck

We emailed you the Investors Deck. You can reply there or at to discuss the possibility of collaboration as an investor or advisor.

We are now seeking investors & advisors to join a round to accelerate expansion, based in LA/Seattle, following our rapid growth in traction. in Excel for Web, Offline, Mac, PC. AI generated dashboards, collaboration, app creation, collaborative smart spreadsheets
Smart universal apps auto-created with for PWA, mobile 2.0, web 4.0, offline, everywhere in PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mobile Devices

Power Web5 Platform

Co-create the future in real-time.
Powering the new internet.
With Web5, ChatGPT AI & xP&A.

Rapid traction as #1 in our niche — after disrupting $37B industry with our previous no/low-code apps platform

Power Web5 (Power Sheet + Web5DB) was featured #1 No-Code/Low-Code Platform in CIOReview Magazine
1st Google result for 5+ key searches:
Web5 app builder • Web5 DB • Web5 no-code • Web5 low-code​ • Web5 spreadsheets
Awarded #1 no/low-code collaborative apps platform in 5 cover stories/tech magazines
Rapid growth (+84%/yr) to a community of 90,000 companies Fortune 500s • teams • freelancers • influencers (for data science, no-code, finance, xP&A & Microsoft MVPs)
Partnership with Alpaca for instant commission free brokerage accounts for our showcase app for AI automated stock & crypto investment — already showing +330% return vs S&P 500
Disrupted a $37 billion industry with our previous similar no/low-code apps platform   —   after inventing the tech now used in 50%+ of games & VR apps

We are the original inventor of Web5. The only Web5+ platform & DB

We invented "Decentralized Web Apps (DWAs)" (decentralized offline-capable PWAs)
  • We invented in 2018 as "Web4"
  • Still the only platform for Web5 app creation
Rebranded as "Web5+" — as remain a superset of Jack Dorsey's "Web5" concept
  • The only platform or design with a Decentralized Web Database (DWDB)
  • Nearly impossible to create Web5 apps without our patentable Web5DB
What is Web5? What is Web5+?

The problem

Power Web5 Investor Deck - Problems.png

The solution

Power Web5 Investor Deck - Solution.png

The workflow

Power Web5 Investor Deck - Workflow.png

The platform

Power Web5 Investor Deck - Platform.png

Why us?

Our leadership team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry disruptors

What is Web5 and Web5+?

What is Web5 and Web+? Network diagram with Power Web5 Platform, Power Sheet, Web5DB
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