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PowerAccess JavaScript & VBA Framework for Microsoft Access Database Creation

Database Creation
Easy. Excel-like,Previous Row-based Queries using XPrevRow(), Excel & PowerQuery-like functions XLookup(), XNearest() and 800+ other functions

Full Source Code

No add-ins or install.
Embeds VBA via Template or Auto-Generation into your PowerAccess-enhanced Database or referenced DB file in same folder

Calculated Tables
Excel / BI Refresh

Auto-Cache Query Results to Tables whenever data changes, on-demand or periodically.
Excel Link & Refresh for VBA Function-using Queries
Edit Tracking
& Undo
Advanced Edit/Change Tracking.
Undo Edit or Delete. Detailed User Edit History with optional or required Comments

Estimates, CRM
Invoice & Project

Templates & Services for Quote / Estimate Building, Invoicing, POs, Sales, Analytics, CRM, Project Planning/Management & Vendor Management

Acceleration with
Memory Caching

Up to 1000x Faster Subqueries and Lookups, On-the-fly Caching Calculated Tables
SQL Queries & VBA
Auto-generate & Use Template, Framework & New Macro Events to avoid Boilerplate VBA Code

800+ New Query & Macro Functions

800+ PowerSQL™ Functions for Query/Macro Designers, VBA & SQL. Excel, Finance & Power Query-like functions like XNPV(), XTreasuryRate() & XNearestMinOrDefault()

Automate Import,
Export & Reports

Automated Report Generation, Import/Export &  Syncing with Files & DBs.
PDF/Image & Website Data Extraction Automation Setup Services.

Finance, Accounting
& Compensation

Templates & Services for
Financial PlanningAnalysis, Accounting, Forecasts, Payroll, Auto Commission Calculation, Budgeting, Ad-Hoc Reporting & BI Dashboards

iPad, Mac, Web,
Cloud & Mobile

Cloud-host on own PC/Server for Azure to enable simultaneous use of full Desktop features on iPad, Mac, Browser, PC Phones & Tablets

New Modernized
Tools &

Global Find & Replace across all Queries/Fields/Records & Code
Smart Rename/Delete
Auto-generate Data Macros
& many other New Tools
Easy for End-Users to Edit & Maintain
No need to involve IT or Developer for Every Change (or at All) with Intuitive Excel-like Query Design & Excel User Database Building Tools
Easy to Maintain/Edit Yourself

User View & Edit

Limit what Forms, Reports, Records, Projects & Fields users can view, create & edit
User accounts, password login, and Device or Active Directory authentication

User & Row-Level Security

User-Level and Row-Level Security, User Accounts, Login & Remember Password or Active Directory authentication

SQL Conversion

Convert Excel Relative-Row Formulas to SQL Queries
Replace complex functions across many sheets & workbooks with a centralized database & iterative queries

500+ XLookup & QCriteria Functions

Dynamic lookups as first-class citizens with XLookup value escaping, null handling, & any number of {field, value} QParam(), QIsBetween() QIsAny(),  criteria params

SQL Server & Azure Cloud Sync

Change-triggered Auto Syn to Azure, SQL Server or Excel or other DB
Refreshable Link from Excel & more even to Queries using VBA Functions
Logging, Telemetry & Diagnostics
Logging of errors, warnings, debug info, performance & with In-Access Viewing & to Files or Tables

World-class Expert Consulting & Support

Backed by top Access experts worldwide – the developers of PowerAccess, able to customize as needed
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