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Power Plan ai

Collaborative connected AI assisted xP&A+ Extended Planning & Analysis for Finance, Data Science, Work Management & beyond

Our flagship smart template & app for Power Sheet

All-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation
All-in-one collaboration, analytics and app creation  Auto-create, plan, organize, visualize, connect, template and automate.  All in one free platform.  AI powered & decentralized.  Easier than spreadsheets.

Power Plan ai tools, no-code apps, multi-dimensional DBs, advanced charting, forecasting, AI recommendations and smart templates for Finance, Data Science and eXtended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) across the company in Power Sheet ai

​Power Plan ai — xP&A+ Collaborative connected AI assisted Extended Planning & Analysis for Finance, Data Science, Work Management, Hyper Automation & more Flagship smart template & app for Power Sheet  xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) applies the principles of Finance & FP&A to other disciplines across the company and xP&A+ goes even further with no-code app creation & hyper-automation, multi-dimensional graph datawarehouses, technical analysis indicators from investment and more  Modeling & simulation, real-time continuous planning & forecasting, analytics dashboards, data warehouses  & more


Extended Planning & Analysis + No-Code Apps, Collaboration, Decentralized Data Warehouses, Data Science & Hyper Automation AI

xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) applies the principles of Finance & FP&A to other disciplines across the company

Modeling & simulation, real-time continuous planning & forecasting, analytics dashboards, data warehouses and more

xP&A is the next-gen alternative to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

xP&A+ extends xP&A with Plus no-code apps, hyper automation AI, decentralized data warehouses, data science, AI generation & investment AI

Free for unlimited users

Decentralized. Embeddable. Integrated everywhere. P2P synced. Offline-capable. Own your data.

All-in-one collaboration, analytics & no-code app creation

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The only no/low-code platform for future — of apps • data • computing • internet — and high-end niches (like xP&A+, Data Science, Investment AI, Hyper Automation AI)

The only platform for creating Web5 apps • Web5+ databases • no/low-code apps for xP&A• apps AI generated from/in spreadsheets

xP&A+ = Extended Planning & Analysis  +  ...

 + Data Science • Investment AI • Hyper Automation AI
+ Decentralized Data Warehouses

  • fast • secure • embeddable • offline-capable • graph data • JSON • TBs (vs 1MB/2K rows in other no/low-code platforms) 

 + AI guided • no/low-code apps • collaborative • connected • embeddable

 + Co-create • embed • sync in existing docs • apps (+ from existing formulas)

  • Excel • Google Sheets • MS Teams • Power BI • Salesforce • QuickBooks

 + Marketplace for Smart Templates & No/Low-Code App Building Blocks

Power Web5 (Power Sheet + Web5DB) was featured #1 No-Code/Low-Code Platform in CIOReview Magazine

Awarded #1 no-code/low-code collaborative app creation platform in tech magazines

With community of 90,000 teams, individuals & Fortune 500s

No-code app & data warehouse builder, AI generated dashboards & smart spreadsheets​ for web & anywhere

No-code app & data warehouse builder, AI generated dashboards & smart spreadsheets​ for web & anywhere

Embed and web publish always up-to-date and install-free in Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, mobile apps and websites

No-Code Apps, Power Table Views, Dynamic Drill-down Reports, Interactive Visualizations and BI Dashboards.

All Embedded in Excel, PowerPoint, Online or Anywhere

Calculate, predict & model with plain English formulas, low-code Python & JavaScript and data science functions

Advanced calculation simplified. Power Formulas, plain English formulas, enhanced Excel compatible formulas, no-code tools, low-code Python, JavaScript, SQL and NoSQL graph queries.

All transpiled to JavaScript for universal web apps & DBs that run anywhere, no install required.

Advanced statistics, data science, AI, forecasting, modeling, time series functions.
Advanced charting for stocks, analytics, time series. Powered by Web5DB NoSQL graph & time series DB.

Create any kind of Web5 universal smart app or content

From simple shared lists, plans, models, CRMs, databases, forms, dashboards and smart spreadsheets to published universal apps, bots, connectors and extensions.

Power Web5 - Workflow - Transparent.png

Unified planning, analysis, no-code app creation, data warehouse & hyper automation planning

​Auto-create, embed, connect, collaborate, automate apps, dashboards, lists, spreadsheets

  • Dashboards & BI
  • Projects & tasks
  • Mobile & web apps
  • CRM & Timesheets
  • Budgets, forecasts & financial reports
  • Estimates & invoices
  • Compensation & calculation
  • Bots & RPA
  • Excel apps & connectors
  • Smart blocks & templates
  • Smart spreadsheets & lists
  • Blockchain DB & DApp
  • Marketing, LinkedIn & sales automation
xP&A in Power Plan ai for Power Sheet embedded in Excel speadsheet on iPad

Smart Spreadsheets, Lists & Boards

  • Smart fields – Selector, tags, image, multi-value, time series

  • Hierarchies – Sub-rows, dynamic sub-view tabs, drag-drop row/col., multi-dimensional

  • Secure – Per row/column access

  • Embeddable Co-create, automate, automate in Excel, Teams, G Sheets

  • Or create standalone in Power Sheet for Web, Mobile, Desktop, Offline

  • With automatic AI generated dashboards, forms, Power Tables

  • AI auto migrate spreadsheets & formulas to no-code universal apps

  • Or embed & smart sync, auto enhancing existing spreadsheets

  • With built-in no-code app, auto forms & dashboards, embedded Web5DB

  • Use side-by-side with existing Excel & Google Sheets formulas, Power Query, macros, connectors, add-ins, workflows

Smart templates, building blocks & connectors for

  • Finance (financial modeling • forecasting • budgeting • accounting • FP&A • invoicing)

  • Work Management (project management • agile • boards • tasks • estimates • assignments)

  • Investment (stock & crypto automation • bots • analysis • technical indicators • social sentiment AI • advanced charting)

  • Human Resources (incentive compensation calculation • payroll • resource management • ERP)

  • Data Science (AI • Python • TensorFlow • Pandas • SciKit • notebooks)

  • Business intelligence (analytics • reporting • auto data prep)

  • Intelligent CRMs (no-code, flexible, social CRM automation)

  • Hyper Automation (bots • AI • low-code • no-code • social marketing • workflows)

Integrated & embeddable everywhere

Embed & sync in docs, spreadsheets, apps & sites

Use Power Sheet app builder — or any Web5 apps, sheets & DBs created with it — standalone (web, mobile, desktop, offline, DWA, PWA, Node.js) or embedded anywhere

  • in docs (Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, SharePoint)

  • in tools (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, Quickbooks & more)

  • as browser extensions

  • in messages & emails

  • your apps & websites

Create & auto-publish truly universal standalone apps, extensions, bots & connectors.

Connect & smart sync to — and automatically AI generate from  any data source (spreadsheets, CSV, DBs, web APIs, Active Directory/SSO user lists, tools, CRM, finance systems). Plus 5,000+ connectors & add-ins via Excel embed & smart sync.

Power Web5 & Power Sheet integrations, embed & sync in platforms, universal extensions & add-ins and data connectors for realtime remote work collaboration, embedding and auto creating & sharing no-code apps, smart spreadsheets, dashboards

Only possible powered by our embedded decentralized Web5DB

Easily sharablefree for unlimited users (vs restrictive per-viewer licensing in most no/low-code platforms) • embeddable (to instantly enhance/convert existing workflows with no IT migration needed) • built for the “future of web & mobile” (Web 5.0 PWAs) • always conflict-free sync & collaboration — all only possible powered by our PowerChainDB.

  • Uniquely scalable (99.7% less bandwidth & cloud costs) • fast (615x MongoDB • in-memory client-side queries) • available (even offline) • sustainable (75% less energy use) • optimized (for 5G • VPN hybrid workIoT • the next billion internet users)

  • 1st Web 5.0 DB — decentralized Progressive Web App (PWA) DB — faster • more secure • more scalable • offline-capable • web embeddable • fast scalable IoT edge computing + always conflict-free P2P sync & collaboration — embeddable decentralized data warehouse & computing platform

Power Plan ai in Power Sheet for Web, Mobile, Desktop & Embedded

Embedded Power Sheet Apps, Platform and Dynamic Interactive Views

What is Web5?

What is Web5 and Web+? Network diagram with Power Web5 Platform, Power Sheet, Web5DB

Connect, smart sync, AI generate from & auto merge any data sources

AI Automated Data Preparation & Consolidation

  • Databases (SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Analysis Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase IQ, Teradata, SAP HANA)

  • CRM (Salesforce Objects & Reports, HubSpot, and many more)

  • Social Media

  • Microsoft (Dynamics 365, Exchange Server, Exchange Online, SharePoint (Online List, Folders), Active Directory, Microsoft Query)

  • Files (Folders, Text, CSV, JSON, Web Page, Excel)

  • Azure (SQL database, SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight (HDFS), Blog & Table Storage, Data Lake Store)

  • Big Data (Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS))

  • ODBC, OLEDB, OData

  • Power Query

  • 3rd party Excel Add-ins (from CData, DevArt, Hyperion Smart View, QuickBooks and hundreds of others)

  • Power BI Connectors

  • Your own custom Web APIs, platforms, systems and data sources via embedded JavaScript

Power Report, Dashboads, Pivot Tables and Power Sheet Views

Empower your business intelligence, reporting, analytics, presentations and collaboration in Excel, PowerPoint, online and anywhere with automatic rich interactive no-code smart apps, databases, forms, pivot tables, smart template libraries and BI & analytics dashboards​

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